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Re: [IP] 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron?

In a message dated 7/21/00 9:22:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< >When I ordered my H-Tron Plus I was told by the Disetronic insurance 
 >who took my order that when the D-Tron came out, I would get 30 days to TRY
 >it.  Now I'm being told that I'll have 30 days to LOOK at it and decide if I
 >want to switch.
 I heard the D rep for AZ ( no longer same person ) and one of the marketing 
 people tell over 50 people ( 90% CDE's ) about the power of choice and how 
 wonderful it was because people could get the H-Tron and then when the 
 D-Tron came out that people would be able to TRY it and decide whether or 
 not they wanted to use the D-Tron or go back to the H-Tron.  John Walsh ( 
 one of the people that writes Pumping Insulin ) was at this meeting 
 too.  This was in March of this year.  So if you want signed affidavits, 
 let me know.  I am so tired of this kind of manipulation and flat out lies 
 to sell a product. >>
Fran thank you I have e-mail from all over the USA saying the same thing I am 
east coast and they told me the same thing hear. I love my pump my average BS 
in the last 36 hours was 110.3 how can you beat that? I am not second class 
because the Feds don't pay as much as other insurance companies do. I am 
going to wait only a short time longer and will talk to the Boston Globe. I 
wonder if MM people have the same problem? Roger C
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