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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #356

Hi Amie:
    Thank you for your generous offer.  I need to clarify what has 
happened.....First, I must say that the Lion's Club has been very generous in 
raising money for children with diabetes to attend this particular camp and I 
applaud their efforts however, the camp policy on "kids on pumps" is no.  
After calling a local news paper & a local news station, all of a sudden, 
they are interested in a minimed rep coming to speak with them.  
Unfortunately, it had to come to this juncture.  At this point, I do not feel 
that this is a safe environment for my son.  He is only 5 and is at the mercy 
of the nurse who will be caring for him.  I believe he will be better served 
at home with me at this point.  The most regretful occurance of the whole 
evening is that out of the whole room of parents of children with diabetes, 
NO one stood up and said anything in defense of the kids who were being 
singled out because of their choice of insulin delivery.  Pump or injection 
therapy, all of the kids still have diabetes.  Unfortunately, the pump does 
not change that.  It does sadden me to report this type of news on a board 
full of parents who have worked long and hard to initiate and maintain  pump 
therapy for their children.  I did call the camp & the Lion's club to say 
that my son would not be attending and why....It didn't seem as if anyone 
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