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Re: [IP] Re: New drug to help diabetics..??

Ginny & Trish,

The drug is NOT a sulfite.  The article mentions sulfites being used in
food processing - but that's where sulfites end.  The drug is ALT-711,
being developed by Alteon.  BTW, the drug is a relative of thiamine, sorta
kinda, but with some significant structural differences.


Just thought I'd try to get that straight before too many people run with
wrong info.   Threads get sidetracked too easily on misinformation.  :)



> Ginny said:
> Sulfites occur in wine..hot dogs etc..but I am allergic (very) to sulfites.
> Just as I am allergic to Humulog because of the phenol they use to preserve
> it. 
> > Trish said:
> >Sulfites--why do I recall hearing something about them awhile ago?  Is there 
> >something they occur in naturally?  Something we could eat to avoid becoming 
> >hard cooked rats?

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