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Re: [IP] 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron?

In a message dated 7/21/00 11:26:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Nancy Morgan wrote:
 >>Stay in touch with your D rep.  Since you're well under the Disetronic
 "Choice" option, they'd probably let you try a D-tron when they come out,
 and judge for yourself.<<
 When I ordered my H-Tron Plus I was told by the Disetronic insurance person
 who took my order that when the D-Tron came out, I would get 30 days to TRY
 it.  Now I'm being told that I'll have 30 days to LOOK at it and decide if I
 want to switch.  I'm a little disappointed, I wanted to do more than just
 look at it before I decided if I wanted to give up the choice of 2 pumps for
 1 pump.
 RoseLea who's been getting pretty used to Max. >>
I have held my mouth shut about this RoseLea, but now I am getting mad. I was 
told I had the power of choice as many were now I was told because of the 
amount Medicare pays I may not get the D-tron. I was told at the end of June 
1 week before my wife's passing and have had little contact from my rep. He 
may be showing respect but I am starting to wonder? I was told I was the 
first Medicare person to receive a pump from Disetronic and I wonder if any 
others have had the same treatment? Roger C dx 47 pm 5/8/00 still towing my 
h-tron + hockey puck.
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