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Re: [IP] Re: New drug to help diabetics..??

Sulfites occur in wine..hot dogs etc..but I am allergic (very) to sulfites.
Just as I am allergic to Humulog because of the phenol they use to preserve
I don't really believe alot of these things I read because in 2 years they
will come out saying it doesn't work. One year coffee/caffiene is bad for
you the next yr it is ok..same with eggs.
I eat what I want and don't worry bout it. We aren't to live forever anyway ;)
email @ redacted

At 12:47 PM 07/21/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hey "diabetic animals"--
>Did anyone else feel like an aging rat after reading this rather intriguing 
>report Kevin posted for us?  
>In a message dated 7/21/0 1:37:43 AM, email @ redacted writes:
>> (Diabetics age prematurely
>>   because sugar-driven damage acquires breakneck speed, raising their
>>   levels of AGE-infused collagen to those of elderly people.) 
>>The breaker,
>   dimethyl-3-phenacylthiazolium chloride, or ALT-711, can tear tough
>   AGE bonds apart. Diabetic animals, old dogs and elderly rhesus monkeys
>   given the compound daily for three weeks yielded spectacular results.
>Sulfites--why do I recall hearing something about them awhile ago?  Is there 
>something they occur in naturally?  Something we could eat to avoid becoming 
>hard cooked rats?
>% )  Trish
> >>>Cerami's quest has been to find an "inhibitor"--a compound that by
>   tying up reactive glucose might keep it away from susceptible
>   proteins. To his surprise, the food industry had the answer. Since
>   1912 chemists have known that in the heat of an oven sugars and amino
>   acids form tight chemical bonds--a reaction that turns roasted turkey,
>   toast and coffee to a tasty golden brown. This Maillard chemistry, as
>   it is known in food circles, is the same sugar-protein bonding that
>   stiffens our tissues. Crucially, food chemists also discovered that
>   adding sulfites prevents browning and hardening and keeps food and
>   beverages looking fresh.
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