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Fw: [IP] Need help, i've got the insurance blues...

I tried to send this privately and it was turned away by the server.

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Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Need help, i've got the insurance blues...

> Weasels! The lot of them are weasels!
> I had to go through some methods of getting a pump with no ins. at all.
>    Mini Med has a way, at least here in CA that refurbished pumps are sold
> for a reduced price. I had to buy mine secondhand and all from the person
> who wanted rid of it and I got the letters of medical necessity from the
> doctor and the prescription for supplies.  This kept everything legal, and
> the company helped out.
>     The other option is to see if they can't give you the pump, take the
> $2,000.00 and arrange a payment plan.
>      Once you have the pump, maybe some of the list can send you things
> a few infusion sets here a few resivoirs there and I'm good for a few
> of insulin, so try to see what they will do in that respect.
>    The fact this is a child, too, I'd think there would be a medical
> advocacy grouip which would help other parents.
>    Please let me know if anything can be found out there...Indianna's a
> way from here, but there's got to be some sort of help agency for you.
>    I'm sure you are devestated, and it's got to be a heartbreaker for you.
> Pommy Mommy.
> Jenny S.
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> From: "SAM01" <email @ redacted>

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