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[IP] Re: New drug to help diabetics..??

Hey "diabetic animals"--

Did anyone else feel like an aging rat after reading this rather intriguing 
report Kevin posted for us?  
In a message dated 7/21/0 1:37:43 AM, email @ redacted writes:

> (Diabetics age prematurely
>   because sugar-driven damage acquires breakneck speed, raising their
>   levels of AGE-infused collagen to those of elderly people.) 
>The breaker,
   dimethyl-3-phenacylthiazolium chloride, or ALT-711, can tear tough
   AGE bonds apart. Diabetic animals, old dogs and elderly rhesus monkeys
   given the compound daily for three weeks yielded spectacular results.
Sulfites--why do I recall hearing something about them awhile ago?  Is there 
something they occur in naturally?  Something we could eat to avoid becoming 
hard cooked rats?

% )  Trish

 >>>Cerami's quest has been to find an "inhibitor"--a compound that by
   tying up reactive glucose might keep it away from susceptible
   proteins. To his surprise, the food industry had the answer. Since
   1912 chemists have known that in the heat of an oven sugars and amino
   acids form tight chemical bonds--a reaction that turns roasted turkey,
   toast and coffee to a tasty golden brown. This Maillard chemistry, as
   it is known in food circles, is the same sugar-protein bonding that
   stiffens our tissues. Crucially, food chemists also discovered that
   adding sulfites prevents browning and hardening and keeps food and
   beverages looking fresh.
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