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Re: [IP] Adult Question

> > >I'm not sure how to approach this without someone
> > >getting offended or upset - but I have a very serious
> > >problem.
> I also have this problem and solved it by keeping glucose tabs on the
> bedside table and after playing and snuggling, I test and eat 2 glucose tabs
> which lasts until morning. We also make sure my sugars are in the 90's or
> have snacks before intimacy for which I only blous for 3/4 of the snack and
> not any fat there might be in the food.

Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem. I don't exactly have
the problem after, it's during that I have mine. After about 45minutes to
and hour, disconnected even, I crash big time.

Ironically, my girlfriend is hypoglycemic and we both seem to have about
the same crash times...


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