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Subject: [IP] When is it D?

As a physician, I can tell you that this group represents the "tip of the
ice berg" of diabetics who actually care about their glucose control.  There
are unfortunately, many diabetics who can go to class and get educated, have
a doctor advise them how to control their sugar, and they just won't do it.
I have had a number of Type 1's come in to the office who haven't seen a
doctor in years, haven't checked their sugar in months, and have been taking
the same dose of insulin since they were teenagers.  Being the pump
supporter that y'all know I am, I get them straight into classes, tell them
about the new treatment options (carb counting, Humalog before meals, etc,
besides just the pump), and most of them stare at me rather blankly, and I
don't see them again for another few years.  My "show rate" for the 3 hour
diabetes classes at our hospital is about 30% once I've scheduled them for a
patient.   And Type 2's, who don't have the threat of DKA hanging over their
head (just blindness, amputations, heart disease, kidney failure) - well,
getting them to take diabetes seriously is even harder.  I just wish we
could have a mentoring system where each person on this list became a big
brother/big sister to 1 (or a dozen) diabetic folks who are in that Egyptian
river (denial) and show them how it's done.

Nancy Morgan

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