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Subject: [IP] 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron?

The D-Trons are supposed to be released in August - according to my
Disetronic rep- so no one has really used one to know how good/not good they
are yet.  Ditto with the Dahedi.  But, I talked with our pump-wearing CDE
the other day, who has now seen the D-Tron, and she was really impressed
with it.  And, she has a Minimed.  The Dahedi's are supposed to be very
simple, no bells and whistles, to give it the small size.  Personally, I
kind of like the bells and whistles, we do use most of them fairly

Stay in touch with your D rep.  Since you're well under the Disetronic
"Choice" option, they'd probably let you try a D-tron when they come out,
and judge for yourself.

Nancy Morgan

<<Disetronic has three purchase options for me as a new =
pump buyer: I can get 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron. Anyone =
have an opinion on whether a new pumper should have two pumps, or if a =
Dahedi pump is a good choice, or if the DTron is better than the =
HTron... or? I have all the literature on 'em and have been to the =
Disetronic web page, but I would rather have experiential opinions =
instead of publicity blurbs and machine specs. >>

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