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[IP] Posting

I, personally, have never felt intimidated in what I
post, if I want to post it, I do.  But then again, I
usually say what I think not matter what the response
will be, which has got me in trouble on many many
occassions (there is some virtue in keeping ones mouth
shut).  And I have no problems with people who post
things that I entirely disagree with (as long as it
isn't flaming).  I do get frustrated with people who
don't appropriately <snip> or use HTML (I get the
digest and it makes it super hard for me to read).

I hope to give courage to someone who wants to post. 
If YOU feel/want/need to discuss something, please
post it.  Threads can stay alive as long as someone
needs them to be.  We all have delete buttons.


PS- Jim, I am one of those people that the pump has
not been a "miricle", however it is still infinately
better for me than MDI.  This support group has helped
me get through many of my rough spots with the pump.

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