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[IP] DM management and pumping

Jim wrote:

>>I think if people learned as many things related to DM management as they
"required to" for pumping MDI wouldn't be so "inadequate"... Spending so
or fighting insurance makes it uncomfortable to say this "isn't for me"
the fact...<<

Jim, for me, just learning diabetes management with MDI wasn't all that
adequate.  There were too many unknown factors with shots, sometimes the
insulin absorbed quickly, sometimes not, depending on the site the injection
was given in.  With pumping, I have fewer sites, since I can leave the set
in for 3 days and the insulin absorption is more consistant.  That said, now
with the pump, if I want a snack at, say 2:00, I can, and then if I meet
with a friend at 3:00 and she wants to stop somewhere for a snack, I can...
on shots I would have never done this, to have this kind of freedom, I would
have had to take about 10 shots per day (no thank you).  Now, with the pump,
I just push a button when I want to eat.  Also, with NPH on shots, I ALWAYS
had to eat at specified times, or I would be in gaga land very quickly.
With the pump, this no longer happens.  The pump has leveled off my bgs, has
provided an EASIER way of control that MDI (to me, it's much more exact and
precise, try taking just .5u with shots).  I would never go back to shots, I
don't care how much training they'd want to give me to do it.  And, as far
as fighting the insurance, they should be fought for their stupidity.  Just
my 2 cents worth.

RoseLea and Max... d for 37 years, pumping for 2 months...

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