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[IP] Need help, i've got the insurance blues...

I just found out today that my insurance co. will only pay for $2000.
towards the pump for my son.  Evidently, there is a clause in my policy that
says that they will only pay (and here is the direct quote from the
policy)....."The maximum per Insured for all medical aids (Prosthetic
Devices, orthotic appliances, and Durable Medical Equiptment) is $2000. per
calendar year, not to exceed a total of $10,000. per Insured, while this
Policy is in effect."

Does anyone know of a way to get around this? Or am I out of luck?  I was
under the impression that since Indiana is a state where the law says
diabetes supplies and equiptment must be covered that we were ok.   The MM
lady said the only way to get around this is to get this clause waived off
my policy. I figured this would be like pulling teeth because we aren't with
a group plan, we are self employed and single policy holders.   Can someone
please give us some advice?  We are devastated.

Dawn Sampson

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