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[IP] Old syringes

>  I used BD syringes, and they were in plastic bags (5 or 10 syringes per
>  bag) and the bags were in boxes.===Bill >>
>     I used them longer than most and B-D came in there own box per
> syringe. It was 6" x  2"  x 1" and I may bring one to Jan's 50 th bash.
Roger C dx
> 47 pm 5/8/00 with his hockey puck in tow

Hold on there, Roger ol' chap, I have my first box of Syringes that were
only SEVEN inside, each  wrapped in paper. I believe it was '73. Not sure.
But they were too expensive to use (7/$1.25) and I thought them a very
frivolous waste. I have two styles - one is 40/80u, and the other is 80u
only. The box is 8x2.5x3 - 26.5gauge and the box says Plasti Pak Discardit.
1cc. I know they came in boxes of 30s also - for a whole month. As I think
about it, wasn't it also a waste to buy them and not use them? But then they
wouldn't be on my display table! ;-)

The next carton is the one of my original post which is the corrugated
cardboard 8.75x8.75x6.75 - 1/2cc, 27.5 gauge, Micro Fine II, Plastipak
Lo-Dose 50u. #8461

Then comes the Micro Fine II, Lo-Dose 50u #8465 7x5.5x3.25; 28 gauge
Lo-Dose, 10 loose ones in a package, 10 packages.

Also there is a Monoject *sample* box of 5, 27gauge u-100; each packed in
plastic tubes. And I have a trusty glass syringe, u-80; and a brand-new 26
gauge steel needle. (owwwwwwch)

Sure hope to see you at the BASH.

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C, 3/99)  webpage

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