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[IP] 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron?

(Thanks for telling me how to post.)
I'm less than two weeks from hooking a Disetronic up. Hurrah! (?) Here's a lil' rambling. Been wearing an HTron plus V100 around the last couple of days to get used to its weight and feel. I'm excited but also wary of having it on all the time. We shall see... Am certainly anxious to not be injecting upwards of 6x a day and of being able to choose NOT to eat. As an aside, someone recently posted that pumpers are like the Borg (Star Trek). Maybe someone can play on Borg by creating a web site or something else pump-related called: Porg (Pumpers Organization)?
Have a question. Disetronic has three purchase options for me as a new pump buyer: I can get 2 HTron plus V100's, 1 Dahedi, or 1 DTron. Anyone have an opinion on whether a new pumper should have two pumps, or if a Dahedi pump is a good choice, or if the DTron is better than the HTron... or? I have all the literature on 'em and have been to the Disetronic web page, but I would rather have experiential opinions instead of publicity blurbs and machine specs. Any info would be appreciated. Good things to you. email @ redacted