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[IP] post it and don't worry


It sounds good about just posting - wish the reality was so simple.

Sometimes it's easy to feel (in response to other's posts) that "I must be
the only one who has this problem and if I just did it RIGHT everything would
be OK".... generalizing here.

I always have a problem when people generally talk about "how much more
flexible the pump has made their life"....

And the problem is mine.   My experience did not include such "major
    Having to eat went away for me in the early to mid 80s (pre pump)
    Unexpected treat - take insulin - means isn't an issue for me
    Don't like carrying so much pre pump? - I carry more post pump

I think if people learned as many things related to DM management as they are
"required to" for pumping MDI wouldn't be so "inadequate"... Spending so much
or fighting insurance makes it uncomfortable to say this "isn't for me" after
the fact...

Ever know anyone who expected the pump to "fix" their diabetes and it
didn't?  I have... Luckily there was awareness of a "professional
in-training" to make the needed calls. Survival was in question.....

Think about the intensity of feelings if there are pump or site problems.
Panic, inconvenient, or "oh well"?????

Enough being philosophical (for now).......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Ginny Kloth wrote:

> Dear Janice,
> If you have something you need to post-post it and don't worry it. It is
> sad when people are too afraid to post thier feelings or share because of
> what others may say.  Go ahead and post :) I am behind you!
> Ginny
> email @ redacted
> At 05:45 PM 07/20/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >Anika:  I'm with you - you said it so well!  I think most people are too
> >intimidated to post because of the points you raised.  I know I haven't
> >posted on many occasions because I was afraid of the proverbial "slap on
> >the hand" if someone didn't like it.
> >
> >Janice

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