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Re: [IP] Die die-post-die posts, die.

Anika:  I'm with you - you said it so well!  I think most people are too
intimidated to post because of the points you raised.  I know I haven't
posted on many occasions because I was afraid of the proverbial "slap on
the hand" if someone didn't like it.


Anika Schon wrote:
> I'm tired of two things:
>    1) Posts proclaiming that a topic has been exhausted, usually bearing a
> die-X-die subject heading.
>    2) Posts that try even to stop discussion of their content with
> disclaimers such as "it's my opinion," Or "Don't write me back because
> you'll hurt my feelings" or even an inappropriate "YMMV."
>    I'm tired of them, but I am the one who makes the choice to either stop
> and read or just scroll on by. That's why an accurate subject line is
> important -- It gives us/me a chance to decide which posts to read.
>    With 2,500+ list members, it's nice to see some posts from beyond (what
> seems like) the 30 or so habitual posters who fire their opinions off within
> the first 24 hours of a topic coming up. Some people take more time to
> consider things. Some have busier lives and even if they read the list every
> day, may not be able immediately to draft a post.
>      As long as the topic is diabetes-related, isn't about selling
> something, and doesn't attack someone personally (attack their ideas, fine,
> but not the person) than it is appropriate to the list even if not of
> interest of vast numbers of list members, who may choose to scroll past
> (digesters) or select another message to read.
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