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Re: [IP] Die die-post-die posts, die.

At 06:25 AM 7/20/00 Anika Schon wrote:
 >I'm tired of two things:
 >   1) Posts proclaiming that a topic has been exhausted, usually bearing a
 >die-X-die subject heading.

Obviously if the topic continues, it is of interest to somebody. If it is 
just a personal difference between two people, however, then it's best 
taken off-line and into private mail. Flaming is not allowed here. I think 
a lot of problems can be solved by calming down and re-reading the message 
carefully before replying.

It is too easy to misinterpret what someone is writing in email. Written 
communication is extremely difficult since we can't see facial expressions 
and hear the tone of voice. Sometimes, its often better to ask for 
clarification first, to make sure that you're understanding the author's 
actual intent, before posting any sort of reply. The golden rule is: if in 
doubt, take it to private mail.

 >   2) Posts that try even to stop discussion of their content with
 >disclaimers such as "it's my opinion," Or "Don't write me back because
 >you'll hurt my feelings" or even an inappropriate "YMMV."

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I really don't believe that saying "it's 
my opinion" or YMMV stifles conversation. I think that it actually helps 
it, since we know that what is being said is just personal experience and 
that everyone is different. It is too easy to misinterpret the written word 
as something authoritative... especially when medical topics are being 
discussed. In fact nothing said here should ever be interpreted as medical 
advice. It is always a good practice to confirm what you learn here with 
your own physician. This is a forum for peer-to-peer conversation... we are 
all equals here, just sharing our own experiences.

However, I do agree that it's extremely important not to take anything said 
here personally. Although, all these messages may arrive in your email 
in-box, they are not necessarily written specifically to you. The messages 
on this list are more like posting notes on a public bulletin board. Anyone 
passing by can read them. For more information, please see: 

This is my personal opinion and YMMV  :-)

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