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[IP] ahh the olden days

Roselea wrote
> remember when Monoject syringes each came in their own little plastic
>  container.  This was before they went to the paper 

oh GOD yes!!!  I went to Europe for 7 weeks the summer after high school in 
1981.  Do the math...7 weeks times 7 days in a week = 49, times 2 shots per 
day = 98, plus a "few" extra = 115!!!

Can you IMAGINE the thoughts that went through the head of the x-ray security 
person at the airport who watched THAT bag of syrninges in my backpack go 
through the machine???  Not to mention I had to carry a THERMOS, a box of 
graham crackers and a jar of peanut butter, just IN CASE  I couldn't find 
anything else I wanted to eat

I will say this, it did WONDERS for teaching me how to pack...more than half 
my pack was full of diabetes crap.  As the days dwindled on my vacation, the 
room in my backpack for souvenirs expanded.

3 years ago, when I went to France for 6 weeks, I used the same backpack, but 
brought a LOT more clothes this time.  Don't need to tote the thermos or the 
peanut butter or graham crackers anymore (I prefer to treat lows with pain au 
chocolat when "en France")

who needs a real vacation desperately!

and plastic wrappings.
>  RoseLea and Max...
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