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[IP] Different types of insulin pumps

Hello there, I have been currently using the Disetronic H-TRONplus V100
pump for an evaluation period. I have found that this pump is difficult to
use at times when remembering how to reset the cartridges etc... I was
also not pleased with their 24 hour tech. support service. They asked me
questions about my customer #, pump serial #, name etc...My question is,
what if I didn't have those papers with me and I was on a trip for example
with my testing supplies and my pump? Not many people I'm sure carry their
serial numbers for their products with them when they go out. 

My question is: How is the MiniMed insulin pump different from the
Disetronic in terms of insulin delivery and service? Is there anyway I
could find a comparison of the two pumps before making a decision on which
pump to purchase?

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