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[IP] Die die-post-die posts, die.

I'm tired of two things:
   1) Posts proclaiming that a topic has been exhausted, usually bearing a
die-X-die subject heading.
   2) Posts that try even to stop discussion of their content with
disclaimers such as "it's my opinion," Or "Don't write me back because
you'll hurt my feelings" or even an inappropriate "YMMV."
   I'm tired of them, but I am the one who makes the choice to either stop
and read or just scroll on by. That's why an accurate subject line is
important -- It gives us/me a chance to decide which posts to read.
   With 2,500+ list members, it's nice to see some posts from beyond (what
seems like) the 30 or so habitual posters who fire their opinions off within
the first 24 hours of a topic coming up. Some people take more time to
consider things. Some have busier lives and even if they read the list every
day, may not be able immediately to draft a post.
     As long as the topic is diabetes-related, isn't about selling
something, and doesn't attack someone personally (attack their ideas, fine,
but not the person) than it is appropriate to the list even if not of
interest of vast numbers of list members, who may choose to scroll past
(digesters) or select another message to read.

(obviously, I had time on my hands this morning)

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