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Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

I applaud Jay's reply to Cliff!  I need a reason to not feel burned out!  My
entire life revolves around balancing my sugars and my daughter's sugars!
Endless rounds of finger sticks and insulind dosings!   I have had diabetes
for 34 years myself and I am only 35!  Be glad I am alive?  Of course I am!
But it is still easy to get frustrated.  You Cliff have only yourself to
deal with....try balancing two lives with diabetes and then tell me you
don't get burned out!!  I won't believe it for a single minute!  Diabetes
multiplied by one is hard enough, multiplied by two it is a nightmare!  And
yet I get up everyday and do it all over again!  So forgive me if sometimes
I DO feel burned out!

dx 1966 at age 15 months and mother to Heather dx at age 5 and is now 11.

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