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[IP] Artificial Pancreas

courtesy of PumpWorld, the newsletter of Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc.

Disetronic Launches Project to Develop an "Artificial Pancreas"

Disetronic is developing an innnovative new insulin delivery system with 
integrated monitoring of blood glucose for people with diabetes. The goal of 
the ADICOL project (Advanced Insulin Infusion with a Control Loop) is to 
develop a kind of artificial pancreas to the prototype stage, so that the daily 
insulin dosage can be administered to people with diabetes practically, 
automatically and exactly in the required amounts.

The ADICOL project consists of glucose sensing and an insulin delivery 
pump. The sensor is implanted under the skin to continuously measure and 
display the blood glucose concentration. It the measurement exceeds or falls 
short of the critical concentration, the sensor emits an alarm. With special 
software the sensor controls the insulin pump to dispense precisely the 
dosage of insulin needed. The insulin, in turn, regulates the blood glucose 

ADICOL should achieve a significant improvement in blood glucose control 
for people with diabetes. The better the blood glucose concentration can be 
kept within the optimal range, the less chance of long-term complications.

Several leading European centers of excellence are now joining forces for 
this project. Besides Disetronic, as the specialist for pump therapy, the 
project includes the Universities of Graz, Austria and Perugia, Italy as 
clinical centers; the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering and 
SensLab GmbH for sensor technology, both in Germany; the City University 
of London, and Judex, a Danish firm, for expertise in control algorithms and 
simulation models.

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