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Re: [IP] Governor's School Visit to ER--my pump malfunction

In a message dated 7/19/00 8:33:55 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< lead screw's driver arms weren't woirking and things escalated. but I 
couldn't call MM for a replacement b/c they won't replace it until an alarm 
goes off. >>

Amy, quite an experience, glad you got through it all right.  Why do you 
think MM won't replace without an alarm going off?  They have for me, when 
the history was questionable, but, also, they always want me to do the 7.2 
test on the lead screw and it has always been my understanding that if that 
test did not work, they would replace immediately.  Did that test work on 
yours, incidentally?  (seeing the white spot on the screw return to the same 
place after 7.2 units have been delivered).  Well, I guess a pumper going to 
Governor's School learns a lot of things that aren't in the curriculum!  Glad 
you had company during it all.

Linda Z
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