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[IP] Governor's School Visit to ER--my pump malfunction


 Gosh, 2 hospital visits this year, myh pump malfunctioned ---went from governor's school away from home to Lynchburg General hospital--high bg, ketones. I noticed yesterday jmy pump lead screw's driver arms weren't woirking and things escalated. but I couldn't call MM for a replacement b/c they won't replace it until an alarm goes off. Well, no alarmj today but large ketones, nauseous, etc,metc. I had done sh ots. I caught it at the right time, they alkmost kept me after my endo who's out of town for a freaking month, which makes me mad, well his med student called the hospital and didn't want me leazving with large ketones after 6 hrs of being there, iv, etc, etc. Haha, small, thank god, my pump is not working though. It's a screw prob, i CALLED mm from hospital and they are overnighting one to this college, no one in the city of lynchburg had a pump so I met with a trainer and am borrowing one from her tonight.

 Lesson---fight MM, trust your instincts, I'm learning that really well. Second, always take a friend to teh hospital..the program director drove and spent 6 hrs in the wiating room, I tooka  friend and we were the giggliest people back there! They didn't know the pump like I expected even though they are supposedly 1 of the top 100 hospitals, but were better than my local Prince William Hospital.

 My pooor parents, 3 hrs away worried as hech. it wasn't my ideea to go to the hospital but it was good I didl. I didn't realize that i even had large blood ketones or that i was dehydrated. bg did come down after shots, of course, but the pump was the prob. My trainer saw my pump when she gave me the loaner and noticed that there wasx sometihng too loose in it. Lesson.....instincts first ALWAYS. I called my mom last night b/c of this prob and i only had 10 syringes but couldn't call Mm b/c they won't help without an alarm, but today, from teh er, the guy was very helpful.

 What a long day! Now I really appreciate some of my friends here. I just have to watch for ketones and other than that I should be fine. I just hope MM notices the prob with my pujmp when I send it in, b/'c it took a very close eye to realize how much the reservoir wasn't being moved.


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