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Re: [IP] diagnostic numbers


"Geller, Anne" wrote:

> The correct ADA criteria for diagnosis of diabetes, predominantly type 2, is
> either:
> 2 or more FASTING venous readings over or equal to 126 OR
> a single, random venous reading of 200 accompanied by symptoms of
> hyperglycemia.

And having no symptoms means there isn't a problem?

Comments that I have heard during the "feelings" section of a diabetes class:
    I don't know why I'm here, I feel fine....
    The big breakfast I had caused the test to be high....
    I still think the test was wrong......
    I always drink a lot......
    I have a small bladder.....
    I always get up several times during the night to go to the bathroom....
    I go to the bathroom a lot because I drink a lot of water (or???)....
    Must have been the ice cream that I ate the night before the test......
    I started loosing weight, the diet was "finally working"...

And I'll bet that you can think of more than a few that you have heard that make
it very easy to decide that the BG is "not accompanied by symptoms of

Takes a VERY perceptive perfessional to "see" many of symptoms when the patient
does not recognize "anything unusual"....

A CDE or specialist rarely sees someone before the diabetes diagnosis.  And not
hearing or wanting to hear, makes it humanly normal to not go back to the person
who "pointed out the problem"....

> Anne Geller RN, CDE
> Joslin Center, Livingston, NJ

Does the Joslin Center keep track of people who come because of a referral and
never come back again?

.... and there is no way to know of how many people who were given referrals
never made the first appointment.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

choosing to leave out some CDE quotes because it's too warm for asbestos

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