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[IP] Thanks to all

Thanks to all who responded with such kindness to me over the last miserable
week.  Jessica's blood sugars are finally stabilizing after 10 long days. 
We had to run 120% basal rate, then 110% for the last few days and today she
is finally back on her regular rates.  I guess the nasty lymph node virus is
out of her body, unfortuntaely it's still in mine.  The car dealership also
finally figured out what was wrong with my car today, after having it for 6
days.  The alternator is "overcharging" every once in awhile and zaps
different things when it happens....it just so happened to zap the engine
last week and that is why it DIED while I was driving on the freeway. 
Anyway, should be fixed soon he dealer is picking up 3 days of the tab on
the rental car out of pity maybe?  Now if only my home a/c would come
in....oh well.  My birthday is Sunday and I was really hoping, as my
birthday present, that my life would be somewhat normal again...LOL

Thanks to all who helped me gather the courage to turn up Jessica's basal
rates that much to try and control her instead of just bolusing every few
hours.  For those of you questioning why I was worried, Jess is the size of
a 6 year old and her basal rates average 0.2...total daily insulin is about
13 units. I was so afraid of her going low I didn't want to turn them up
that much, but it was definately needed. She has gone through SO much
insulin this week with the 120% basal rate and extra boluses it amazes me!

Her 2 year pump anniversary is also this Sunday on my birthday...wonderful
birthday present to me, wasn't it?  :-)  I think along with my birthday cake
I will maker her a cake shaped like a pump???? hmmmmmm

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 years & Jarred, 9

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