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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #348

I was looking through my collection of goodies yesterday and found a  number 
of things that I'm no longer using (so I'm afraid they'll go out of date 
before I use them).

Michael: do you have any way for me to send them to you and you can get 
whatever you can for the IP list from people who need them.  I'm not trying to 
make anything from these things (note I'm sending them to Michael) but with 
three kids it is very hard for me to put aside money for anything but the kids 
(parents know how that is, expecially with a teenager).  I figure out of ten 
boxes of strips for various meters there must be something that can be gained 
for the group ('common: at $5.00 or $10.00 a box of 100 strips this is 
probably less than most people pay co-insurance or co-pay).

I have a bunch of the old style advantage strips for the Accu-Check Advantage 
and complete and couple boxes of DEX sensors and I think four boxes of 
Precision QID strips (I just got a new Precision XTRA with eight boxes of 
strips so I'm set for a few months).

I hope this can be of some help to someone.

By the way: there was a post on the list from someone in NYC who was looking 
for supplies because his company (IIS) cut him off.

I already sent him a private e-mail but if you read this and don't read that 
(kind of funny, but has happened to me) I work in NYC and am working late 
tonight so you can email mail me here or look at the private for my phone 


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