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Re: [IP] RE: Storing insulin

> I just received a three month supply of Humalog delivered to my
> front porch when the temp had been in the very high 90s for a week.
> The insulin was not only not chilled, it was definitely warm to the
> touch. The gelpack was completely "melted." The condensation had
> completely evaporated.
> When I called the supplier, the pharmacist pulled out a sheet from
> Lilly stating that Humalog remains potent after exposure to mid-90s
> temps for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. He
> also commented that he would feel perfectly comfortable using the
> insulin that had been sitting in a FedEx truck for two days and then
> on my front porch in direct sunlight for at least four hours. I told
> him I was not reassured by his confidence.
> However, the bottom line is that I have to have elevated BGs for
> several days before they'll reship -- under exactly the same
> circumstances.

Ask the pharmacist to fax you a copy of the letter -- this can be 
followed up with Lilly to find out the change in potentcy for such 
exposure -- I bet it is not acceptable.

Call your primary insurance company and ask to speak to the Liason 
person for the pharmacy. Explain the problem and emphasize that this 
is a LIFE SUPPORT issue and that the insulin in your opinion is 
damaged. I've done this with very good results. Even though they are 
hard asses, the insurance people want to get what they pay for.
The result in our case is that the insulin arrives overnight in an 
insulated cold pack -- I believe this is done for all customers, not 
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