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Re: [IP] RE: Storing insulin

I just received a three month supply of Humalog delivered to my front porch when the temp had been in the very high 90s for a week. The insulin was not only not chilled, it was definitely warm to the touch. The gelpack was completely "melted." The condensation had completely evaporated.

When I called the supplier, the pharmacist pulled out a sheet from Lilly stating that Humalog remains potent after exposure to mid-90s temps for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. He also commented that he would feel perfectly comfortable using the insulin that had been sitting in a FedEx truck for two days and then on my front porch in direct sunlight for at least four hours. I told him I was not reassured by his confidence.

However, the bottom line is that I have to have elevated BGs for several days before they'll reship -- under exactly the same circumstances.


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