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Re: [IP] Labor with pump on??

Hi Kristen,  I've had 3 children only 1 w/ pump so here's my story...My 1st 
was vaginal del 2nd was c-section as was 3rd only because my kids ave very 
broad shoulders andthe 1st one got stuck.. so w/ a c-sec they did remove my 
pump but chkd bs levels 1st and immediately afterward and I put it right back 
on no bs problems was on IV anyway because of surgery so if I did get high 
they could give reg in IV..I had the advantage of having an Ob who also is a 
diabetes/preg specialist called a Perinatologist she introduced me to the 
pump and delivered all my kids with very little drama.A lot easier than 
dealing w/ 2-3 diff Dr.s ..and she's a specialist and very good at diabetes 
management.I dont see why you couldn't wear pump during del but know that 
you'll probably stay lo the entire time because yr body will undergo more 
excersion tahn yr used toand pushing is a lot of work and everything that 
goes w/ it I dont know about you but I stay lo most of the time and labor 
aint no joke!!! hahahahah..lol...Good Luck If u have any q's about preg an d 
diab let me know --been there done that x's 3----Jenee (Jenay)  also where do 
u live that u dont have a perinatologist?? I'm in Mo.
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