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Re: [IP] when is it D - readings over 200 at any time (IMHO)


I'm not going to go back and check the mail (no purpose in having my own 4
fingers pointing back at myself).

What bothered me is the comment that anyone eating may have a high BG
reading.... And that type of "knowing" even shows up from those of us living
with diabetes.

Bothered is a definite understatement - that type of denial would scare the s...
out of me if I were attempting to live in that "social environment" (wonder if
that's why those who "know better" but don't have to do it themselves don't stay
in my life very long....<vbg>)

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Vixen wrote:

> Hey, on this -
> Has anything else been heard on the guy (a co-worker, maybe?) someone posted
> about in this past week, whose BG was in the 400's & his doctor attributed
> it to the doughnut he had eaten that morning, & not to worry about it?  (No,
> I'm not a "doctor-basher"...but in some cases, are they selling med licenses
> at Wal-Mart?)  Just wondering if he had gone in for testing.
> Sammi
> P.S.  Just for the record, I'm not a "Wal-Mart basher", either!

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