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Re: [IP] Insulin

Bonnie Richardson said:

>>If Lilly puts such long expiration dates on them, why are they saying they
are only good for a few months....I just can't figure out about all this
"bad insulin" people keep having. <<

I was told by Lilly that the insulin will last until the expiration date as
long as it is unopened and refrigerated.  Once opened and/or unrefrigerated,
it's good for 28 days.  I've only had one bottle of suspicious insulin, just
had higher than normal bgs until I changed to a new bottle from a new batch.
The question comes up mostly for those people who have to mail order insulin
(who knows where it's been before you get it and especially when the
deliverer leaves it in the sun on a hot day in an uninsulated unchilled
container).  And most of us never know how that insulin is handled before it
gets to the pharmacy's fridge either.

RoseLea and Max...

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