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Re: Re: [IP] when is it D

Ginny Kloth wrote:

"I understand what you are saying but the American Diabetes Association has changed thier number to be 126 for a diagnosis for diabetes. You may wish to check up on this. By the time the numbers are in the 200 . . . "

Both numbers are correct.  Two consecutive *fasting* blood glucose readings of 126 mg/dL *OR* one random test over 200 mg/dL is diagnostic of diabetes.  BUT, there was a letter published a little over a year ago in JAMA that questioned that, suggesting that (IIRC) a better diagnostic tool is an HbA1c over 7.0% (= an average BG of 140 mg/dL).  FWIW, this level is the cutoff level suggested by the DCCT.  As you might expect, that letter drew quite a few responses. 

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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