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Re: [IP] when is it D

I understand what you are saying but the American Diabetes Association has
changed thier number to be 126 for a diagnosis for diabetes. 
You may wish to check up on this. By the time the numbers are in the 200
for a while kidney and other damage may begin. Remember this is a silent
killer and technology has changed and the ADA has changed thier number:)
BTW- I still use syringes to give myself once in awhile when needed and to
give myself B12 shots. I am not afraid of needles.
Have a nice day,
email @ redacted

At 04:18 PM 07/18/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I may get flamed for this violation of "let's not rock the boat" - I will
>an absolute statement that it's diabetes anytime a BG (on more than 1
>is over 200 mg/dl.
>(read further before attacking...I have included some text from the American
>Diabetes Association below)
>That is no matter what has been eaten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Denial is such a wonderful tool - It's amazing how few people "really" die
>diabetes and how few have problems (both physical and emotional) when using a
>Thinking out loud.... Wonder if using syringes is so tramatic that any way to
>not use them is a G_D Send....
>email @ redacted wrote:

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