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[IP] giving blood

Here is another take on giving blood from a non diabetic.

I recently was turned away when I went to donate blood.  My son, age 8 is
diabetic and on the pump.  One of the questions I was asked in the interview
is if I ever come into contact with the blood of another person? Answer:
Yes, my son is eight and there are times I assist in the blood testing or do
the tests while he is sleeping.  There have been times when I get blood on
me or it even squirts out of the site and gets all over both of us!

The next question was when this happens do I ever have cuts or open sores
that come in contact with the blood?  Answer:  Yes, as I tried to cover my
dry and cracked hands with a couple of small cuts and scrapes.  (These are
the hands that tend to six kids, teach kindergarten, work in the lawn, fix
dinner and get washed about 20 times a day).  The interviewer talked to the
person in charge and said that because of the occasional contact with the
blood of another, I could not give blood that day.  They said they would
check with their doctor for more information.  I later received a call from
the Blood Bank's doctor who said the same.  Because of the contact with the
blood of another, I did not qualify to give blood.

Well, I'm not going to start using gloves around Mike, so until he is older
and more independent, I will not give blood.

SO if you can give, do so to make up for me who can't!!

Sue Cahill
mom of SIXSONS
email @ redacted

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