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RE: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

>I can't believe you people "Diabetes Burnout".  Does
>this mean you don't want to try to live with diabetes?
>  I take everyday as a challenge, to make my numbers.
>Some days I fail but I try never the less.  I realize
>that I may not have had diabetes as long as others, I
>have only been one for 35 years and on the pump for
>only 7 months but I think that burnout is something
>that you give yourself.  Diabetes Burnout, I think
>not, be glad you are alive.  Put that (Diabetes
>Burnout) in your attitude and get over it.

Give me a break Cliff.  I don't think anyone is saying they don't want to
TRY and live with diabetes.  We have no choice in the matter.  The burnout
comes from effort required to keep the control and manage and ENJOY the
other things in life.

Do you have a wife, children, a social life, hobbies, elder parents to take
care of, a company you own and are trying to run, a house that you need to
maintain, a mortgage, etc?  How did you feel getting up several days in a
row to feed you newborn at 2AM and then having to get up at 4AM because you
going low or high?  Does your Diabetes ever affect your efforts in these
areas?  Do these areas ever get in the way of you keeping tight control?  Do
the people who love you ever feel the impact of you Diabetes?  Have you had
any complications from you Diabetes?  How did you feel when you worked so
hard at keeping tight control, yet your A1c was not where you wanted it or
you found out you were spilling protein or...?  How did you feel that after
all you hard work, the disease threw you a curve?  Making your numbers is
fine, but the approach sounds a little SIMPLE, no VERY SIMPLE, when you
combine it with the rest of things that make life enjoyable and complicated.

And yes, EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS, that good control provides the opportunity to
enjoy life more. But sometimes, life throws more things at you than you can
handle.  Just like a job, or eating the same food time after time, or doing
anything repetitively, you get tired of it and you just need to step back
and take a break from it.  This is Burnout.  When you do that, you come back
with a positive attitude needed to keep you control.

I take it from you simple response that you work 24x7x365 days a year and
have been doing that for all of your life.  Ever have one of those work days
where minutes seemed like hours?  Ever take a vacation?  When you came back
from the vacation, did you have a new sense of enthusiasm for your job.

I don't want to judge you but from your response, I'm guessing that you are
either 1) have the best endurance that anyone has ever had OR 2) you have
very little else in your life to worry about.  I hope it is the former,
because worrying about diabetes 24 hours a day is no quality of life.

Its tough waking a balance beam your whole life.  Sometime you are going to
fall off.  And sometimes, your are going to question getting back on again.
And sometimes, getting over it is not as SIMPLE as you make it out to be.

Riding the roller coaster of life.. and enjoying it,
Jay Knauf

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