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Re: [IP] Last inf set in NY

At 09:32 PM 7/18/2000 Fred L. wrote:
 >Well, here I am on my last infusion set (day 5).  Looks like I'll be back to
 >the needles by the weekend.  My supplier (IIS) has dropped me(after telling
 >me my infusion sets were on the way), my new endo is on vacation, and his
 >staff say that they don't write Rx's for pump supplies anyway.  They left a
 >message on my machine referring me to Minimed (do they expect Minimed to
 >write me a Rx?).

MiniMed does sell and ship supplies and will bill your insurance for you. 
I've never had them ask me for a prescription. If you are as low on 
supplies as you say, I think that they will emergency ship enough to keep 
you going until the whole order comes through. Try calling 1-800-843-6687.


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