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[IP] MM Alarm - static electricity

> MM told me essentially the same
> thing.  They said it was static electricity probably caused by the pump
> being in my pocket??!!??  They never mentioned anything about July or
> August because it happened in June
> Dawn

I'll pull out of the recesses of my mind and suggest again about what I was
told to do to avoid this. I know a lot of you keep your pumps in pockets and
clipped on, but to avoid that S.E., just put a used fabric softener sheet
next to the pump in a case. My cases happen to be colored coin purses that
zip. A key ring through the zipper pull and a 2nd ring through the first one
making a belt loop. Bluda Sue swings freely by my side and since I have done
this, the S.E. has not been a problem. In the winter when it gets dry in the
house and little shocks are prevelant whether sliding in a car seat or
walking across carpeting, the F.S. sheet absorbs that S.E.  A pic of me with
a pink case is accessible through my website where it says PHOTOS.
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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