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[IP] Last inf set in NY

Well, here I am on my last infusion set (day 5).  Looks like I'll be back to 
the needles by the weekend.  My supplier (IIS) has dropped me(after telling 
me my infusion sets were on the way), my new endo is on vacation, and his 
staff say that they don't write Rx's for pump supplies anyway.  They left a 
message on my machine referring me to Minimed (do they expect Minimed to 
write me a Rx?).  If anyone knows of a good endo in the NY area (that's not 
already on the IP page) please let me know.  In the meantime I'll try 
calling my previous Dr. and start looking around to see if I can find that 
bent needle set that came with my pump. OUCH!
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