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From: Hypoglycemia: A complication of Diabetes Therapy in Children by Dorothy 
J. Becker* and Christopher M. Ryan
p. 200 Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism Vol 11, No. 5, 2000 
email email @ redacted

- Here's the quote from Drs. Becker and Ryan - the HOWEVER _____ 
Pediatric patients who chose therapy with an insulin infusion pump 
(containing Lispro insulin) also had fewer severe hypoglycemic episodes than 
those who chose multiple injections. However, a randomized study will be 
required to prove that the decrease in hypoglycemic events was related to 
insulin-pump therapy rather than the type of patient who chose this form of 

(This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grant Numbers HD 
29847 and RR 00084 (General Clincal Research Center))
Just chatted at Diabetes Station (http://www.diabetesstation.org/chat) 
tonight with a mother who has a daughter that USED TO BE Dr. Becker's 
patient.  Here's why that's past tense:
"- My daughter went to Pittsburgh Childrens Hosp and they wouldn't even 
consider her for a pump until she was ready for college. She heard about and 
saw the pump at diabetes camp and we searched until we found a doctor she was 
happy with. He is an endocrinologist but not a pediatric endo. He is great 
with her and she is happy with him. They are a team which is the way it 
should be. - 18-Jul-00 21:48"

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