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[IP] Thurs Chat for Teens??!!

Ok, Rodney you got me this time! When he innocently asked for help with the
Tues and Thurs chats times as folks were away or on vacation, I asked only
whether it was AM or PM? Cause personally, I'm a night-owl. Now, I'll give
you that you did say Tues. morning and Thurs at 7:30 PM, so I said I'd do
Thursday. But I really thought you meant the Anytime Room, as that's where
we were, and BTW the only room I've ever been in! So imagine my surprise to
see today on the digest that I'm doing the teen chat! So, for all you teens
and twenty-somethings, please remember that I may not be up-to-date on the
latest music groups or fads, but I said I'll be there and I will. I do have
4 kids, 27 yrs. for 2 of them, 25, and 13, so I can relate! Just hope you
won't be turned off my this forty-something old lady! There, you've been
warned, and Rodney, I'll get you back for this mere oversight!

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