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[IP] frisky=blood in silhouette?

So today was the day to switch from Regular to Humalog
(my old friend from my shot days)and I get up this
morning and my Bg is 367! Not happy! So I start
getting everything ready to make the change to Humalog
and I notice that the tube that's in the sil is filled
with blood! Guess that explains the 367.  So I made
the change and when I pulled out the sil, out popped a
little blood and insulin.  So my question, which is a
bit embarassing is...that my boyfriend and I got a bit
frisky last night, for the first time since I went on
the pump 3 weeks ago, and I'm wondering if that
triggered this.  My sil looked fine before I went to
sleep.  Without going into too much detail, there was
nothing overly strenuous on my part...(no
contortionist moves for me).  Being a newbie pumpy I
was a bit nervous anyway, maybe I should just stay on
my side of the bed for now on. -Alecia 

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