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Re: [IP] Update on Paul

>snip>>A footnote: We went to the movies Sunday night and Paul said 
>to me on the way
>home, You know, mom, it is so cool to not have to have a shot this entire day.
>My incredibly responsible awesome kid gets just a tiny part of his childhood
>back. Now THAT is awesome.
>Janice proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 6 and pumping since Wednesday.<<

Hi Janice,

Glad to hear things are going so well!  Paul is going to love the 
freedom the pump allows . . . eating when and how much he wants, 
sleeping in, no more injections, etc.  But, he will also love how 
much better he feels with more stable bg's.  Noah noticed that within 
weeks of pumping.  I was surprised by that since his A1C's had always 
been good (but not great - 8-9 range).  The pump has made a huge 
difference in his roller coasting bg's which is what made him feel so 
lousy on MDI's.

Good luck and enjoy the freedom!

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99 and
Micah, age 10

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