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Re: [IP] Re: Giving blood

> Wow! Whenever I've tried to give blood, in 
> three different cities, I was told they would 
> not take blood from diabetics. Have things 
> changed? I'll have to give it another try and 
> see what happens. If anyone else has succeeded 
> in doing so, and has anything interesting to
> report about it (reactions of the blood-suckers... 
> ah, I mean, the phlebotomist and the medical team; 
> wavers you had to sign; any other obstacles) 
> would you share it with the rest of us? Thanks!
Somewhere around three gallons (I honestly am not sure 
of the exact number, but it's well over 2 gallons I'm 
certain).  And as for rejection... The first time I 
tried to donate, they were more concerned about the 
fact that I was 16, than the fact that I was diabetic.  
Only time I was ever turned away was for borderline 

Bottom line, my blood banks are as loud about being 
short of blood as the rest of 'em and they just love my 
typo O blood.  I tried doing platellet donation once 
(they only take the platellets from your blood, 
filtering the red blood cells and plasma back in using 
a two needle system), upshot is you can donate every 72 
hours rather than having to wait 8 weeks.  They were so 
disorganzed though (I kept getting conflicting 
information) that I eventually said, "No Thanks... I'll 
stick to the old fashioned method!"

-Sara G.

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