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[IP] E13 error alarm on mm508

Hello everyone!
This morning was my first day in returning to work after a lengthly  illness 
(8 months).  MY day starts off with my mm 508 pump beeping 6 times, with the 
message E13 and error displayed. I pressed the act button and the message 
read E01.  I called MM and found out that the E13 code is  caused by static 
charge within the pump that results in the memory being erased. The Pump has 
to be reset.   I was told this tends to occur in the months of July and 
August.  I have only had my pump since December. Has anyone else had this 
problem?  I was able to reset all the parameters and it has been functioning 
without problems the rest of the day. I am to let MM know it it occurs again, 
said they would send a replacement and check my out.  MY morning didn't get 
much better,  I had a 2 hour drive to Houston to complete paperwork for my 
new position.  Wouldn't you quess, 8 months not working and no car problems, 
first day and the spark plug wire needs to be replaced!! I believe because I 
was up at 5am to start my day, I was able to get my car repaired before 9 am 
and I made it to Houston on time.   

Oh yea. I was started on Actos 15mg a day 2 weeks ago and not much effect. 
This morning was the beginning of 30mg aday. Because I pre-pour my meds a 
week in advance, I forgot about it.  Needless to say I crashed around 9am, 
just as I was getting on the freeway. I checked my blood sugar and it was 
40!.. I had my glucose tabs with me, I was able to pull over and check my BS. 
I did go back home for and hour ( until my BS was within normal range.). 
Looks like the Actos is going to work in decreasing the amount of insulin I 
will need. However, This could have occurred at another time.

My first day at work went very well, no body had any idea of my ROUGH 

Thanks for letting me share my eventful day.... I will say it was so very 
nice to be able to use my remote to bolus for lunch. They boss took me out 
for lunch. The pump allowed me the flexibility to eat when the time allowed 
instead of me having to eat at a preset time as I did prior to the pump,  For 
all you newbies to the pump, it sure makes working easier. (just have to 
remember to do the 2 hr pc bs checks).

I got home tired but feeling good.  The one thing I have noticed today is 
that my emotions did not go berserk. When my blood sugars were bouncing all 
over the place( before the pump), it didn't take much for me to be anxious 
and have negative thoughts.  I remained calm through all my events this 
morning. I truly believe having my blood sugars in control ( as a result of 
the pump) is very beneficial emotionally as well as physically.  

Have a good night's sleep
Diane H
Type 2 diabetic since 1995, started using insulin 3/99
 using MM508 since 12/99 and up to 300units humalog a day.
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