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[IP] Re: Donating Blood

> Has anyone given blood?  If so, did it affect your bs's?  When I went to
> Bloodmobile this morning, apparantly I was the first one on an insulin
> to ask if I could donate.  They seemed to think that it was okay as long
> my bs's were stable.
> Kathy

I did a quick search on the web and found some interesting results about
donating blood.  It seems to depend on where you live and what organization
is receiving the blood.  The last two citations are the most interesting.
Apparently all decisions are arbitrary which makes the claim from Iowa, that
it is FDA policy, specious.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center:  People on oral medications, and
controlled, can donate; people using injectable insulin cannot donate.

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center:  People with diabetes using oral
medication as well as those using injectable insulin can donate.

Oklahoma Blood Institute:  People who are insulin controlled diabetics
cannot donate.

American Red Cross:  People with diabetes, if well controlled, can donate .
(does not differentiate insulin users.)

Animas Insulin Pumps, via Charlene Freeman, RN, CDE, CPT; Manager, Clinical
Services:  "I called the Blood Center of Central Iowa here in Des Moines.
Nobody taking insulin can donate blood.  If the patient has diabetes but is
not taking insulin and his blood glucose is well regulated, he is allowed to
donate.  This is a FDA policy.  I asked for an explanation and was told that
if (an insulin dependent person) donated, it might cause an insulin
reaction, and the blood bank would be liable, or the recipient's blood sugar
might get too low or too high.  It has nothing to do with the insulin pump."
This was an answer to a reader's similar question in Diabetes Interview.

Rhode Island Blood Center:  1) Travel to the United Kingdom (England, Wales,
Scotland, Channel of Man, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands) for a period
totaling 6 months or more between 1/1/80 till 12/31/96 results in a
permanent deferral.  2) Use of bovine insulin after 1980, unless it is known
that the source was not from the United Kingdom, results in a permanent

John Kinsley
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