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[IP] Maureen and Jude get insurance double speak

In my quest for getting insurance, I heard about
Fortis Heath Insurance.  I was told by the underwriter
that Fortis HAD insured several people who had
diabetes as a pre-exisisting.  I'm unsure if these
people were T1 or T2, but from what the one agent
said, it sure sounded like they used insulin.  The
wording on my letter of denial was slightly odd, due
to "current treatment of diabetes"... huh? so if I
didn't "treat" my diabetes they would cover me... or
are they really saying "you use a pump" or are they
are saying you aren't a T2 who controls by diet and
exercise or is in denial or has a stupid doc.  I
understand if they deny me b/c of diabetes, but I
would be more annoyed if it was b/c of my method of
treatment.  If anyone has any input or comments, I
would love to hear them.  This is somewhat beyond the
point now, but I hate to see insurance dorks getting
away with things they should not be allowed to get
away with!

"Mo and Jude"
type 1 is the magic word. My insurer said that b/c I was type 1 they would
not cver me but I was guaranteed coverage because I worked for the State of
New Jersey and had my insurance thru them. So I got coverage at a hefty
premium. but at least I'm covered. I go on Medicare in February but I agree
it is a nightmare, HIPPA just seems to not work when you are type 1.
Insurance companies get away with a lot of stuff because they are rarely
challenged and have all kinds of protection afforded themselves, Spot and

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