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[IP] donating blood

>My place won't let me donate blood because they said it's dangerous.
know why? They wouldn't tell me what was "dangerous" about donating.

Jan (and Elvis)<

That's a bunch of junk.  It is no more dangerous for you than the average
human walking in to give blood.  There was a letter to the editor of
Diabetes Interview a few months back of a diabetic not allowed to give
blood, and the "expert from Animas" replied that diabetics are not allowed
to donate.  I responded to that letter because that is grossly untrue.  I
used to work for the American Red Cross and while not everyone donates
through the ARC, the ARC guidelines indicate diabetics can donate as long as
their conditions are stable and there have been no changes in insulin dosage
in the past 2 weeks (for whatever that means).  I always tell them I have
had no changes, and unless something else like my hematocrit or vital signs
defer me, I donate blood.  In the past few months, however, one other item
will prevent a diabetic from donating and that is if you have injected beef
(bovine) insulin anytime since 1980.  The reason for that is due to mad cow
disease in England and the potential that a diabetic may have injected mad
cow infected insulin into his/her body and could possibly pass this on to
someone else via their blood donation (honest!).  Please try to donate again
because our blood is desperately needed to help others!

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