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[IP] Donating blood

I just checked various Red Cross Web sites for info. The Northern California
Red Cross Web site was the most explicit*. They provide a list of medical
conditions as they relate to blood donation; it's at


On this list, a diabetic can donate blood if you are "stable." I suppose
they mean medically stable... (otherwise some of us on this list might not
qualify) (yes, I realize I might be the worst offender).

The New England ARC site doesn't even mention stability: diabetics are OK.
Other sites are similar. YMMV. YBT, too**.

* Yes, I tried the National site. I couldn't find any more explicit info
there: just that you must be over 110 pounds, over 17 years old, and in good
health. Their home page was messed up a bit, so I had some trouble

** "Blood type."
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